Baby Κεραλοιφή

Beeswax cream for sensitive skins with Chamomile Oil.

χαμομήλιBeeswax cream with Chamomile Oil-baby.

…The day that you was born and all those days of your first year, have been like Christmas days to me. It’s already your first Birthday, I remember that day, you had a bath like a little princess, your grandmothers next to you and me massaging your delicate skin afterwards with Chamomile Oil containing beeswax cream. We have managed to soothe your skin, treat the rash which was affecting you for long term, you have managed to sleep without any disturbance.

…First fever, newfound experience, I remember holding your hand, standing next to you.

…You are already six years old, I am almost in tears every time I see you queueing next to your schoolmates.

By accident one day, Artemis has found all those notes, mum always use to make some notes of her feelings throughout the years.

κεραλοιφή για ευαίσθητες επιδερμίδες

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